Puma - Home Jersey waisted 2024-25

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Product number: 77864101-XS

Our promotion heralds a new chapter, and not just in sporting terms. Our new home jersey also marks the start of our partnership with our new kit supplier PUMA.

The home jersey is a tribute to the home jersey of the 1991/92 season, from which the design has been translated into the present day - without St. Pauli being lost in the process.
The large brown and white squares from back then can now be found in a lighter and darker shade of brown in the new home jersey.

As already communicated, sustainability is also a key component of our collaboration with PUMA. Together, we want to set new standards in the area of the circular economy and use recyclable materials more efficiently. Our new home jersey does just that: with a material composition of at least 95% polyester, the jerseys are manufactured using the PUMA RE:FIBRE process, which uses an advanced process to responsibly recycle textile waste and reuse used materials without compromising on quality. The aim of the project is to produce new jerseys from old jerseys. Therefore, in addition to textile waste, the proportion of worn and recycled clothing is to be gradually increased in future.

As the flocking and logos are not applied by machine but by hand, there may be deviations from the illustration, positioning and font size. Jerseys with pull threads are not grounds for complaint.
Player and individual flocking as well as logos can have a delivery time of 10-14 working days.

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