Art Print #7: Print-ciples of FC St. Pauli

No longer available

Product number: SP123037-ONE SIZE

"The Kids Are Alright"

In relation to the FCSP guidelines, the print is based on various themes. First, however, I asked myself what defines the neighborhood for me. As I live in St. Pauli, I can observe many things directly and one important aspect is the way people interact with each other, which is different from many places I have lived in before. I have the feeling of cohesion, help and friendship between all the unpleasant things that you encounter here in all clarity. This gave rise to the question of how I could depict this solidarity, and as you also meet lots of children here who often wear a Rabauken jersey, an idea slowly emerged. Because every single person in my illustration is important, regardless of gender or skin color, everyone has to work together. Values that are also taught in team sports. And of course kids get up to mischief, are boisterous, sometimes loud and full of energy - they're bullies. Allowing this and at the same time absorbing it is a big and important challenge.

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