FCSP x Acid FC - Kapuzenpullover


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ACID FC x FC St. Pauli ist mehr als nur Fußballkultur. Musik spielt seit Jahrzehnten eine immense Rolle im und um den FC St. Pauli herum. Um der Vielfalt musikalischer Entfaltung eine Hommage zu bereiten, verbinden sich ACID FC aus England und der Kiezklub und bringen ein gemeinsames Artwork ganz im Sinne der Musik des Stadtteils an den Start. 

Ed Cowburn | ACID FC: 
"As long-term fans of St Pauli we wanted to focus on the link between the club and musical culture of Hamburg. Whilst the more rock and punk side has perhaps been the main inspiration for collections previously, we thought it was time to shine a light on the important role the city played in the electro, techno and rave scene in the 1990s with clubs such as Unit.  The collection was inspired by the flyers and visuals of the era in the typically playful and irreverent Acid FC style. We hope that it brings the same sense of joy and euphoria you get from FCSP scoring or your favourite track dropping in the club. See you on the dancefloor/terrace! For a deeper dive into Unit and a soundtrack the collection:  [happy to create this as a Spotify playlist]"

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