Dear Customers,
we have listed the answers to frequently asked questions below and hope to be able to help you in a timely manner.

If your question is not answered here, please be patient. We read all emails and answer all inquiries.

1. How do I arrange a return within Germany?

Via our online store you can print out a return label for free return shipping with DHL. Click on this link: link . Here you can create the return label.

Be sure to include the delivery bill with your return. We will refund the returned items. An exchange is not possible. If necessary, order again via our online shop

2. How do I arrange a return outside of Germany?

Frank your return sufficiently and send it to the following address:

FC St. Pauli-Merchandising GmbH & Co. KG
c/o Brands Logistics GmbH
Am Ring 11
19376 Ruhner Berge OT Zachow

Enclose the delivery bill with the return. We will refund the returned items. An exchange is not possible. If necessary, order again via our online shop.

The return postage is not covered by us and must be paid by you.

If you want to complain about an item, please contact our customer service in advance: info@fcsp-shop.com

3. How can I redeem my voucher?

Please redeem the voucher only during the payment process and select the item "Pay total amount with voucher". Enter the voucher number and the amount of the voucher. Note that you also have to enter the digits after the comma. Currently, for technical reasons, only one voucher can be redeemed per order.

4. How do I get my discount as a member?

Enter your membership number in the comments field at the end of the order process.

We will reduce the invoice amount manually if the store does not recognize you as a member.

Excluded from discounts are items with fixed prices, items from the sale and items whose proceeds are donated.

5. When will the autograph card sets arrive?

We expect the autograph card sets to be available in October. We will post the autograph card sets in the online store as soon as they arrive.

There will only be autograph card sets available to order online this season. We will stop shipping individual autograph cards.

6. What do I do if I don't receive an order confirmation?

If you have entered your e-mail address correctly and have not received an order confirmation, this is an indication that we have not received your order.

Also, if you were not able to complete your payment, your order will not be transferred to us. In this case you can place a new order.

If you were able to complete the payment, we have the possibility to re-submit the order. To do this, we need the order number, which can be found in the payment reservation. It starts with FCSP. In this case please contact us.

7. Is there a delay in delivery for international shipments?

The delivery time outside Europe is usually 8-12 weeks. The shipment is made by sea freight. After the packages are shipped, they are in customs for a long time. During this time there is no scan, so in the tracking it is not visible where the package is. This does not mean that the shipment has been lost.

8. Can i pick up my goods in the fanshop?

Online orders cannot be picked up in the fanshop. However, you can exchange your purchased goods from the online store in the fanshop. To do so, take your delivery bill and the goods with you.