Art print FC St. Pauli vs. Würzburger Kickers

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Item number: SP122035

Material: Papier

Measures: Din A3

„Gewinne, Gewinne, Gewinne ...“
From the billowing haze of Hamburg's harbour alleys, the artist "Milchbengel Ultra" comes into the galleries and living rooms of this city.
His motifs are always maritime in nature and it is not unusual to find a bearded sailor on them.
Whether in a Fisherman’s coat or a local club Hoodie, the eyes of the sailors always reflect the merciless vastness of the ocean.
His favourite obsession is "upcycling" old paintings, thousands of which are gathering dust in cellars and junk shops.
The result is a motif that even style-conscious advertising agency guys can hang in their offices and that no longer only inspires full-time harbour singers - although the professional line of harbour singers and sailor yarn spinners is, of course, more desirable.
Instagram: @milchbengelultra

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