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Instructions for use:
Note: Failure to follow all instructions and restrictions will compromise the effectiveness of the respirator and may result in infection, injury or death. Application: Protection against solid and fluid aerosols according to EN 149:2001+A1:2009 and (EU) 2016/425. Before use, please check the respirator for visible damage, contamination and expiry date. Do not alter, modify or repair the respirator. Users must comply with applicable national regulations and laws on the use of personal protective equipment. NR: for single use, do not use the respirator for more than one shift (8 hours) or use the respirator for a maximum of 75 minutes continuously with 30-minute recovery periods each. Check before use: use only undamaged masks, make sure the correct protection level is used. Caution: beard hair may affect the face seal. This mask is not designed for use by children. Warnings: Do not use respirator if concentration of contaminant is immediately hazardous to health or life. Do not use in explosive atmospheres. Does not protect against gases, vapours, solvents or particles of radioactive substances. Do not use the respirator if the oxygen concentration is less than 19.5%. Do not enter unventilated containers, confined spaces and shafts with this respirator. The respirator is not suitable for sandblasting, spraying or working with asbestos. Replace the mask in case of damage, strongly increasing breathing resistance. Leave the work area immediately and return to fresh air if a) breathing becomes difficult or b) dizziness or other discomfort occurs. Storage: see pictograms. Other: not washable. After use, dispose of properly in the residual waste. Questions: If you have any questions, contact a specialist in cleanliness and hygiene, a specialist in occupational safety or QMH Qualitäts-Masken Hamburg.

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