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VIVA CUBA Blend Filter 250g

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Item number: SP1621003

Material: Arabica, gewaschen, bohnen

WITH OUR NEW KIEZKÜCHE COFFEES "VIVA CAFÉ ESPRESSO BLEND" AND "VIVA CAFÉ FILTER BLEND" WE ARE BUILDING A NEW BRIDGE TO CUBA. ONE COMPONENT OF THE BLENDS IS CUBA SERRANO. AN ARABICA BEAN FROM THE SIERRA MAESTRA IN THE SOUTHEAST OF THE CARIBBEAN STATE. WITH IT WE SUPPORT THE "REPÚBLICA CUBA", A COUNTRY THAT CAN USE ALL THE HELP IT CAN GET. FORZA. WHY THE FCSP AND CUBAN COFFEE FIT TOGETHER LIKE A GLOVE: In 2005, the club was the first western football club to visit Cuba for pre-season training. The 14-day training camp on the socialist island was intended to lead to a return to the second division. The nimble and ball-playing Cubanos, ranked 72nd in the official Fifa world rankings at the time, were clearly superior to the St. Paulians in terms of technique and play in the upcoming test matches. However, the almost 100 fans who travelled with them took this with humour. It was probably due to politeness or ignorance on the part of the hosts that the then seventh-placed team in the regional league was consistently celebrated as "representatives of German football" who were "at world level". After all, a 1-1 draw was achieved against the Cuban runners-up Villa Clara and a Cuban U23 team. And in Cuba, there was talk of new friends and hopes of deepening contacts. What has remained is something remarkable in the football-loving country. There is probably not a single bar in Havana that does not have a FCSP pennant hanging next to the pennants of the big clubs like FC Barcelona, Real Madrid and Chelsea.

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