Art print FC St. Pauli vs. SV Sandhausen

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Item number: SP121913

Material: Papier

Measures: Din A3

Riot Paula - The Education of the Badgers

Artist: Metraeda (Düsseldorf)
Metraeda found her way into the street art scene via friends. The collective idea of ​​being creative with each other, inspiring one another and beautifying the city together is still a motivating force today. At the same time, she sees art as an opportunity to actively engage with social issues and convey messages, such as "say no to racism!" She is politically active, socially engaged and has already set in motion a number of fundraising campaigns (ia in favor of the pier), which is why support for social projects like Viva con Agua goes without saying.
Their works have a high recognition value due to the used geometric shapes, mostly triangles. Starting with foil, today it works with very different materials, e.g. with engraved wood. She goes as individually as possible to each place.

Facebook: Metra Eda

Instagram: Metraeda

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