Art print FC St. Pauli vs. Holstein Kiel

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Item number: SP122026

Material: Papier

Measures: Din A3

Sirfruitloops aka Justus von Karger lives and paints in the gray area between gloomy, baroque painting and manically colorful comic worlds.
He spends part of his time in the studio doing traditional oil painting, and the other part in the dank world of toilet paper drawings as an illustrator at Goldeimer.

Sirfruitloops' matchday print for St. Pauli against Holstein Kiel is a playful blend of classic Hanseatic comic style and elements from the historical Japanese art tradition of ukiyo-e.

After all, Hamburg and Japan have interesting cultural overlaps: A unique tattoo culture, long tradition of fishing & seafaring - and just the crazy folklore and sailor's yarn that goes along with it. In Hamburg, everyone knows the Klabautermann or the Flying Dutchman with his ghost ship - Japan has the diverse world of the Yōkai: ghosts and demons in all colors and shapes and the most unimaginable stories to go with it. Sirfruitloops restages here the timeless classic of the St. Pauli freebooter's head - as "Gashadokuro", a Yōkai in the shape of a gigantic skeleton that, according to Japanese lore, lies in wait for you when you go home alone at night.

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