Pintail Longboard Totenkopf

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Item number: SP201512

Measures: 9,72" x 41,2"

Material: Ahorn mit Epoxidharz

"Here comes the classic Pintail Board to show your favourite soccer team how dedicated you are. The St. Pauli kpl Pintail allows for a relaxed cruise in the city to get to the next match quicker and with a lot more fun. It has a big tail which is bend up high. This makes it a lot easier to do manuals and allows for a stable stance on your board. Also the design does not miss out on style – classic black with a big St. Pauli-Logo. The seven ply maple-construction make it a a stable Longboard that allows for tricks and offers lots of pop. Summed up quickly – it's a classic pintail cruiser board with a nice design and an attitude for tricks. Jump on and have fun!

180mm inverted Trucks
77mm wheels stone cold urethane 80 A
ABEC 7 bearings"

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