Drop Through Longboard Totenkopf

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Item number: SP201510

Measures: 9,89" x 37,7" (WB24")

Material: Ahornholz und Epoxidharz

"The St. Pauli KPL is an all-round drop-through model, that gives you as many possibilities on what to do on your Longboard as you imagine. It has a short wheelbase and big nose and tail. In combination with the drop-through mounting that makes your board a low rider and offers lots of stability, it opens up a full range of possibilities for freestyle and sliding. Nose and tail are big enough for the whole foot and therefore offer you enough grip for kicks and tricks as you want it. In the same time the cut-out shape allows for super tight carves without getting nasty wheel bites. Its bamboo-core makes it an almost indestructible Longboard. The St. Pauli kpl Drop Through is the perfect board for everyone that loves to do tricks and in the same time it's a versatile cruiser board that offers stability even when getting a bit faster down a hill. In plus it shows THE design for all St. Pauli Fans – simple witha big St. Pauli Logo. Enjoy your ride!

180mm inverted Trucks
70mm wheels stone cold urethane 80 A
ABEC 7 bearings"

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